Is it OK to eat an apple and drink water after a workout?!

Question: Is it OK to eat an apple and drink water after a workout?
I don't know much about carbs :(.

I kinda prefer people who know a lot of about health and nutriution to answer this question.

I'm 17 and I need to lose a lot of weight.

If you have any advice, please PLEASE give it :(


Apple and water have fiber in it and that makes you use the bathroom a lot so I say yes, Also you could drink water before, after, and during a workout that way you don't get dehydrated while excercising. I suggest when you eat the apple make sure you do it before 7:00Pm. I just want to add its not what you eat its really when you eat it. Like only eat when you're hungry unless you're eating a snack or want to stay on schedule.

What kind of exercises did you do? I usually drink a small glass of fat-free chocolate milk because it helps rebuild and refuel muscles. It also reduces recovery time due to the combination of protein and carbohydrates. Why not swap out an apple for perhaps something more filling like a banana?

I think the pefect meal would be chicken with white rice and the drink gatorade and when your done have a good digestion with a bannana or an apple


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