Can a person's liver handle large amounts of alcohol?!

Question: Can a person's liver handle large amounts of alcohol?
How much alcohol can a person's liver handle and can it handle large amounts?


When you drink to the point of feeling drunk, it means you have drank more than your liver can handle. Everyone is different as to how much they drink and how long they have to drink before permanent damage could be done to the liver. Lots of factors come into play such as how much they drink, what they drink, how often, underlying medical conditions if they have any, medical history, genetics, how their body handles alcohol, etc. All that comes into play when damage occurs to the liver from alcohol abuse.

Large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time can cause alcohol poisoning and even death. Have you ever heard of someone drinking so much that they are unconscious and have to be taken to the hospital to have their stomach pumped out? This is way too much for the liver to handle.

If someone abuses alcohol for many many years, it can lead to a disease called cirrhosis which is when scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in the liver which is permanent damage that never goes away. The only cure for cirrhosis is a liver transplant which is extremely hard for an alcoholic to receive. The first thing the transplant center will require is at least 6 months of proven sobriety before they will even begin to consider them for one. Many times the alcoholic is already so sick with cirrhosis that they don't even have 6 months left to live so they will end up losing their life. The graveyards have many people in them that have died from this.

liver transplant recipient

No not if they are not a regular drinker- that is why so many young people get alcohol poisoning which can be deadly.
I have know old people who can drink up to a fifth of whiskey because they drank for years but if i did I would probably die or end up in the hospital on a machine and severely sick because I would get toxic.
Kind of the same thing for drug addict - over the years they take larger amount of the drug that would kill us

If you'd like to know how much one can handle, check out the blood alcohol chart in the link. Depending on the weight and tolerance a person has, they can only handle so much. Brain damage, unconsciousness and death happen when one reaches their limit which isn't so high.…

No. and thats bad to ask that question.

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