Will I still be around in my seventies?!

Question: Will I still be around in my seventies?
I drink 3 bottles every weekend the botles are of wine, liquuer and vodka will I still be around in my seventies? P.S. current age now is 24 and I am russian.


Hi Sarah, I'm getting fed up of your questions now, your asking them faster than I can answer them, but the fact that your Russian makes no difference to your liver, it WILL fail just the same.

By the way, how's your daughter Rainesha?

Ron isn't the only one who's getting fed up with your continually answering the same question in various guises.

Since you take no notice whatsoever of what people tell you about your excessive drinking, maybe you should seek psychiatric help to find out why you have this obsession about your health and drinking. Your nationality has nothing to do with the matter.

We're even getting fed up with you ASKING them all the time too...........
It's doubtful unless you have a liver and kidney transplant when you're 30 AND stop drinking too.

Probably not. You are playing Russian roulette with your health.

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