How can I make cigarette cravings stop?!

Question: How can I make cigarette cravings stop?
I have never had a cigarette, but I feel like I want one. I really don't want to start smoking, but I think about one. Is there anything I can do to fill the void? I shouldn't start smoking right?


Right, you shouldn't start smoking. Do like Kojak (look him up) and get a lot of lollipops.

Well, that answer certainly lives up to her screen name-since you don't have a nicotine addiction, all the patch would do for you would be to introduce your system to a toxin.
You are being silly-you cannot have a craving for something you have never tried. I bet if you tried to smoke it would make you ill. Try to find some productive things to do with your time to prevent you from thinking up crazy notions like this in the future.

the patch

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