In what European countries is Absinthe legal?!

Question: In what European countries is Absinthe legal?
Not Absinthe flavored liquours, but traditional Absinthe.


The drink Absinthe is legal in every single country in Europe. Note, however, the following:-

a) In France, it cannot currently be called Absinthe, but is called "Spiritueux aux plantes d'absinthe" (Spirit made from wormwood plants) or similar. This is a legacy of old French laws which may finally be changed this year. Whatever the name, the products are the same as in other countries.

b) In Norway, no drink over 60% alcohol content (or 120 proof) can be sold. This eliminates some absinthes (and some other drinks too).

Switzerland is the only country in Europe with strict laws prohibiting the production and sale of artificially coloured and/or non-distilled absinthe.

It is legal in the USA I have seen it for sale in many places. And yes it is the real thing.

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