Which tastes better?, Apple cider, or Pear!.....?!

Question: Which tastes better?, Apple cider, or Pear!.....?

Proper scrumpy!

Never even heard of pear cider. I love apple cider though, its my favorite drink. Reminds me of fall. Anything apple or pumpkin is awesome!

Personal taste.However I am puzzled by the term 'pear cider' surely it should be called 'perry'.

Whichever one you like best is the one which tastes better to you.

Depends on the day. btw Pear Cider is really called Perry

drink both

Apple it does not leave a residue on your tongue......and taste so much better, no funny after taste.




Pear all the way :)

Pear ,,,i'm addicted to the stuff !!

id have to say ... apple lv.

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