If a wine cooler is not something to cool your wine, what is it?!

Question: If a wine cooler is not something to cool your wine, what is it?
I would assume that a wine cooler was something to cool your wine, but I've heard kids talking about it like it is a drink... Is it something like Smirnoff Ice or Bacardi Breezers?


It's a drink--usually a mildly alcoholic malt beverage with fruity flavors. They generally come in four- or six-packs. I think Bacardi Breezers is a wine cooler. Smirnoff Ice isn't quite a wine cooler, but it's close. Women and kids like them because the fruit generally masks the alcohol taste, and they're cheap, so it's easy to drink a lot of them.

Very close, back before wine coolers and other coolers were sold commercially we would ice a tall glass, fill half way with white or burgundy wine, add some sweet and sour mix and top it off with a spritz of 7up.


it's basically flavored beer


Yup, you got it.

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