Recommend me some beer's please...?!

Question: Recommend me some beer's please...?
My stomach can't handle Budweiser so I'm looking for some new beer's to drink. Please avoid mentioning anything like Budweiser if you can because it'll probably have the same effect as Bud.

Thanks y'all.



Well, the dude from Europe there has an understandably twisted sentiment towards American beer due to Bud and Miller products being the largest American breweries, but he has obviously not been to this country, or if so has not experienced real American beer. The best way to experience new beer is to find a local microbrewery, most of which offer free samples, and try a few pints. There are a million microbrews around the U.S. and we have a rich tradition of great beer as long as you stay away from our piss lagers like Bud. If your truly in the middle of nowhere without a micro, then buy Sam Adams or Lieninkugels, two of the largest "microbrew" founded breweries.

A prolific beer drinker in America

Typical American fizzy beers, cold from the cooler have their place but real beer is a very different thing. Come to Europe the home of real ales and give your taste buds an education. From thick dark barley wines, stout and mild to pale ales and bitters all the way to largers thousands of breweries each producing at least one very best or exhibition brew. The darker the ale and less gassy the better for full flavor but man can not live on steak alone... we need some refreshing sparkle too.

For several years I enjoyed a Brown and Bitter, half a pint of each in a pint glass... Newcastle Brown Ale being one of the best and Theakstons Old Peculiar in the top ten. Come to England and use the CAMERA campaign for real ale guide to find the best beers and places to try them.

Anything from Boulevard Brewing. They started local (Kansas City) in 1989 and have turned into one of the largest Micro brews in the country. I like the Bully Porter and Unfiltered Wheat.

Trust me, I was a bartender for 10 years.

You should taste, coor lights or my personal fav PANAMA! Im from Panama City Panama and this is the best beer in the world trust me! Get your hands on it if you can, i promise you won't regret it! (Y)

Miller Lite since I'm from Milwaukee haha but Sam Adams Boston Lager is amazzzing!

p/z don't drink beer

try tuborg or carlsberg.

what part of the country do you live in?

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