Do you know any good diet drinks?!

Question: Do you know any good diet drinks?
I am 16 and, all of the guys call me gross because I am bigger then all the others. I hate it. I know I am and I just HATE being reminded! I always wondered what a good diet drink would be to help me loose weight. Because I don't excersise much. :/


well i think water is the best thing you can drink, but if you want something like soda, just drink the kind of soda you like but in diet form.
and your not gonna losse much weight just by changing your drink to diet, start running, and working out.
& cut down on the junk food.

If you need a soda substitute, try sodas made with Splenda - Waist Watchers brand as well as Diet Rite brand.

Otherwise, try Kool Aid and just make it with Splenda... or put less sugar than the package calls for.

Try to find the time and energy to at least go for walks... but exercising takes a mindset and a commitment that's hard to achieve sometimes :\

Good luck, sweeties and remember that when you become an adult, all of this is not nearly as important!

artificial sweeteners promote fat retention. its not any better for you then regular soda. try and keep it under 16 oz a day.

ever look in a slow carb diet? its pretty effective. google it or look into 'the 4 hour body'

try the green smoothie
google it 4 ingredients

diet coke
pepsi max
diet sunkist
diet lemonade
skim milk
low fat milk

Water would be the best or tea without sugar..

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