I want to drink a 375 ml's bottle of vodka what will happen if I do this?!

Question: I want to drink a 375 ml's bottle of vodka what will happen if I do this?
I want to buy and drink a 375 ml's bottle of vodka will it kill me? Will I get alcohol posioning if I do this? P.S. how much liver damage will it do?


I told you long ago that I suspected you drink a lot more than you say Sarah. Guess this proves I was right. What will it do? Make you very drunk and hurt your liver. Just another normal day for you Sarah. You know that.

Hi Sarah, the recomended safety limit for a woman is 14 units per week with no more that 3 units in any one day http://www.patient.co.uk/health/Alcohol-… a 375ml bottle of vodka contains 15 units, but is this plus your wine? if so I think I've told you the answer before.

You will certainly suffer tomorrow. If you plan to do it day in day out, yes it will kill you. As a one of it's really a bit of a non-experience cos you'll fall unconscious and wake up with a big headache. Total waste of time.

It would be an extremely stupid thing to do. Don't even try. At best you will get a severe hangover, at worst you could get acute alcoholic poisoning especially if you are not used to alcohol.

Depends on how fast you drink it. You will most likely puke. Live damage is an accumulated disease.

If you're a light weight (eg a pussy) you'll wake up the next day naked in a sewer. Otherwise, you'll be ok.


Try it and see what happens!!!

You'll get a little drunk

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