Hi, question about alcohol consumption?!

Question: Hi, question about alcohol consumption?
Hi, I would like to ask a question about alcohol. I drink alcohol everyday about 750 ml. I generally drink red and white wine though. So is that bad consumption of alcohol everyday or is it ok? But I drink during night time and next day same around night time. SO there is about 24 hours break between. So is it still bad for my health? Plz answer people thank you.


In addition to not being very good for your liver, there are huge numbers of calories in that amount of alcohol. I would cut down if I were you. The negative effects of excessive drinking are many and can affect many parts of your body and your relationships in ways you do not want. A little alcohol is okay, but 750ml daily is way too much. Cut down to a third of that or less.

Yes a bottle of wine a Day is bad for you.

I drink 750ml of wine a Day doesn't sounds as bad as saying a I drink whole bottle each Day doesn't it? and that whole 24hr mumbo jumbo doesn't help your case either.

seek professional help. I'm not trying to be a jerk you know! I just can't sugar coat it.


I would say about a glass of wine a day would be debateable, Ive known of Italians living to be 106 years old and saying that it was do to the glass of red wine a day. But, a bottle of wine a day is definitely not good for your liver or brain function.

Drinking EVERY day is a bad thing. Take a break and leave a space of 3-4 days inbetween drinks

Yes, that is bad for your health..

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