Vodka drinkers: How do you drink it?!

Question: Vodka drinkers: How do you drink it?
I'm looking for new ways to enjoy it.


I liked the classic screw driver w/ Gray Goose. It started out as 1/4 vodka and 3/4 OJ but gradually became 1/2 and 1/2 and then 3/4 vodka; 1/4 OJ. LOL...

vodka should be put in the freezer and then shot. thats how your ment to do it so you cant taste it. i like mine with lemonade latley, just pick up some type of soft drink that you like and have a try :) dont be afraid to experiment. make jelly with vodka. thats nice to :)

If you want to look something different then take vodka with grapes juice along with lime

Neat, direct from the freezer (sometimes I will add a squeeze of lime juice, or a large dash of hot chilli sauce)

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