Have a booze collection? / What are they?!

Question: Have a booze collection? / What are they?
What do u think of my drink collection?:
I very rarely drink. These are centerpiece in my apartment - some are on crystal decant, the ugly bottles like Martell (vsop) and Hennessy (xo) and some are gifts

Navan - natural vanilla
Martell (vsop)
Hennessy (xo)
Braastad (xo/superior)
Rémy Martin (xo)

what are other good cognacs you know?


Grand Marnier - orange flavored cognac (makes Navan)
B & B - spiced cognac, very sweet, excellent.

I have a collection of Absolut Vodka because they have awesome limited edition bottles.

I have 14 so far.

Plus Absolut vodka is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am thirsty

Collection is good.

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