Drinking without getting drunk.?!

Question: Drinking without getting drunk.?
So my friend wanted me to ask how he could drink more without getting drunk fast.
He wants to impress some people there. Hes russian. According to people, they can drink alot but now my friend. He will get drunk on maybe 5 beer cans and 3 shots of whiskey..

He wants to know how to last longer without getting drunk. It might actually be like 3 cans and 3 shots. I dont know, but he needs to know quick by the end of this week.

His idea was to drink ALOT this week before the event?


Do not eat a bar of butter, not only is it bad for you, it can make you sick eating that much butter. Eat a meal before drinking that includes lots of carbs. Drink slowly and have water in between drinks. Don't drink straight alcohol like shots. Not only will you not get as drunk, you will feel better the next day.


if you dont eat before you drink. u get drunk faster...if u drink while you eat like chips it keeps u there....if you drink water before..it gets you hydrated as well as while you drink...! beer before liquor gets you sicker ;)

myself :D

stick to 1 type of alcohol no carbonation and no sugary mixers have someone who's not drunk mix your drinks

if you want to cheat have a vodka tonic and go to just tonic every third one

binge drinking can kill you

Alternate alcohol with water, it means you will take longer to drink the alcohol, and give your body time to process it

Eat a bar of butter. No joke. The butter will cover up the lining of your stomach and it won't make you drunk easily.

Read it somewhere but I can't remember.....

Well not drunk, not drunk a body good, good drunk on the body of the stomach is not good.

It all depends on your size and if your stomach is full or empty ^^

let me brake it down for you based on a person that weights 160 pounds with average build they can drink 1.5 drinks an hour up to a maximum of 4 drinks that would last for just over 4.5 hours buss, and not get smashed. As your weight increases by 20 pound you can add .5 of a drink an hour and subtract 10 minutes from the total hours the buss will last. Keep in mind that anyone that exceeds four drinks an hour regardless of weight begins to dehydrate and withing 3 hours 12 drinks can lead to death. People simply have the notion that they drink allot but in reality it depends on what they have eaten or their drinking habits. People might get to have the notion that they are ok after so many drinks after they have been drinking for years but the damage a beer or alcohol to their body and system increases, their tolerance might decrease but a beer still is a beer by content on the body does the same damage. SO you might think that some people can drink allot more than they should let them, don't damage your body just to impress someone. Besides what good comes out of been an alcoholic, other than been good at wasting money. Enjoy your drinks and find more things worth doing to impress people like getting a diploma or degree from college or University.....GOOD LUCK...

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