Champagne is a must but oh dear which country should supply the wedding wines?!

Question: Champagne is a must but oh dear which country should supply the wedding wines?
I have been given the honour of organising a rather elegant event for our avenue to celebrate the nuptials of William and Catherine which will include canapes formed into pastry crowns and tiaras with smoked salmon and other exciting toppings. The question that has arisen is which wines should offered? Obviously the noble grape should reflect something of Great Britain although British wines cannot be considered for such a sophisticated occasion. French wines are not apt, I feel and sadly German wines with their affiliation to the Sax-Coburg ancestry are rather weedy offerings. The New World does have some rather robust reds which would certainly set the diners aglow as it were but.. ah me. Any suggestions?
Btw Our guest of honour, the local council mayor lives in the avenue and sees no objection to the alcoholic or any other arrangements.


Several points:

1. Champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. So it's sparkling wine you want, not Champagne.

2. Sparkling wine was invented in England 35 years before Dom Perignon accidentally discovered it.

3. No, no, no!!! British wines and English wines are not the same thing. British wines are made from imported grape juice and are generally rubbish. English wines are made from English grapes are quite different - and wonderful.

4. Far from being unsophisticated, English wines - and especially English sparkling wines - win prizes all over the world - although sadly most people in England are quite unaware of this. As usual, we English tend to denigrate the accomplishments of our wonderful country - including our stunning wines.

5. English wines are served in such places as The Dorchester, the Houses of Commons and Lords, and South Lodge (the hotel that hosted the mini-summit a year or so back).

6. English sparkling wines, in addition to being far better than the French equivalent, are usually cheaper.

7. In addition to our wonderful sparklers, we English also produce some excellent white and rose wines and some surprisingly good reds.

8. You don't say where you live but there are vineyards throught the south of England - around 300 of them. Check the sites I have given.

9. Do as I did for my 45th wedding anniversary. I supplied only English wines and English beers - most of them from within a 10 mile radius - and told nobody where they came from. Never have I had so many compliments about the stunning quality of the drinks - and not one of the many sophisticated guests was able to guess where they had come from.…

California wines (USA)
Washington wines (USA)

Australia has some wonderful vintners. Look to Penfold's for a wide selection of great wine at moderate prices.

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