Average price of blue label whiskey?!

Question: Average price of blue label whiskey?
WHat is the average price of blue label whiskey?

Supermarket, random liquor stores?
WHeres the cheapest?
Supermarkets- albertsons, riteaid, cvs, ralphs, vons , etc

No online sites please.


Johnny Walker Blue Label is about 200 USD for a 750ml where I see it.
Never seen it at any of the supermarkets you listed, simply too upscale

"Whiskey" is all the grains as raw materials produced by the generic term for distilled wine. Although the traditional concept, many people think that whiskey is barley as raw material to manufacture, but in fact are not. This is somewhat similar to brandy, although many people think that only the grape as raw materials manufactured be called brandy distilled liquor, in fact, the term refers to all the brandy fruit as raw materials produced by the distillation of wine.
However, if only just Brandy brandy grapes as raw materials manufactured, other fruit brandy made were to add a prefix, such as apple brandy, compared with Apple Brandy.
Whisky is not the definition of the term itself is very strict, in addition to only use grain (Cereals / Grains) as a raw material of this more specific rules, and sometimes just new wine distillation still in state of completion of whiskey, in fact, their properties and other neutral Spirits (Neutral Spirits, such as vodka, white rum) is not much difference.
Almost all types of whiskey aging in oak barrels are required after a certain period before bottling for sale, so we can put this road aging procedures as necessary to the process of manufacture of whiskey. In addition, to be able to retain in the process of distillation under the original flavor of grain in order to manufacture and grain and pure filtered through Western grain vodka or wine (such as Everclear) difference is another more specific whiskey definition of requirements.

Most stores sell Johnnie Walker Blue Label for between $160.00 and $200.00.

On Guam you can get it for $139.00, tax free.

I have drank it on several occasions. If you aren't a Scotch fan you won't like it,
if you are, it is a very light style of Scotch, and you might like other ones better.

I know this isn't the question but JW's gold label is nicer tasting then there blue label. If you really want it then its between 160-220 AU$ but in my opinion its just a nice though horrendously overpriced whisky.

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