is smoking cigarettes cool?!

Question: Is smoking cigarettes cool?

It's extremely cool.

Edit: and I'm sorry but to some of the other answers, like having to breathe in a machine, that's only in the extreme. And my earlier comment was sarcastic.

I wouldn't say cool, more like stupid, silly, dangerous, and will kill you. Odds on it will.

The most addictive drug in the world is nicotine, and you won't think it cool when you are hooked and cannot give it up.

Also its very expensive to smoke. Go with the flow, do what others do, be one of them, cool, cool, very cool. Mustn't be the odd one out by not smoking, must I?

So your going to be another addition to the smokers club, and have an early demise because you thought it cool to be a smoker.


No it is not cool. I am a smoker and only smoke around 5 cigarettes a day but it irritates my throat and I am always coughing - seriously uncool and embarrassing. That is why I am determined to quit. Trust me, do not start smoking!


I though my compatriots had more sense now that the various countries of the UK have all banned smoking in most public places. But it seems I was wrong - there are still a few halfwits around. Never mind, you are all dying off quite rapidly of smoking-related diseases.

Yea sure it is, but not smoking cigarettes is cooler ;-)

is having your throat removed and breath with a oxygen cylinder cool ?

Depends who you are. Funnily enough, I quite like kissing guys who have just finished their cigarette .. that's cool ;) x

no its not. do you know all the stuff your putting your body up for risk,.......alot. in fact i hate being around smoke now...i quit 2 yrs ago

smoking cigarettes is extremely uncool. it's a massive risk to your health? and that's not cool at all

Not in the least, it can also make you very sick and can even be deadly

No, you look like a fool who can't breathe properly.

No it's not! I avoid people who smoke because the smell makes me sick. Please don't smoke!

If getting lung cancer is cool, then yes.

as cool as cancer

Not at all

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