what does 20% alcohol by vol mean on a bottle of whiskey?!

Question: What does 20% alcohol by vol mean on a bottle of whiskey?

It means that 20% of the liquid in that bottle is pure alcohol. The remaining 80% is various ingredients used in distilling the whiskey. The higher the ABV, the more drunk you're going to get. Happy trails!

Must be diet whisk(e)y (of which I did not know existed) as it is typically 40% alcohol
by volume or higher which means just that: 40% or more of its total content is alcohol

that's the %age of alcohol in the bottle.

20% for whiskey is quite low. Most decent whiskeys start at around 40% & some of the top quality scotch/whiskeys are up to 80%

20% alcohol by volume = 40 proof. Most decent whiskeys are 80 proof.

It means it's 20% pure alcohol.. ideally you should be aiming for the 40% mark for a decent hangover.

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