How do I keep cigars fresh?!


How do I keep cigars fresh?

How do I keep high quality cigars fresh, and how can I tell once they've gone bad?

Answers: What ever you do don't put you cigars in the freezer. Cigars are hydroscopic. That means they seek equalibrium with the humidity in their environment. Freezers dehydrate anything left in them for any length of time. Putting cigars in the freezer will ruin them faster than just about anything else you can do.

To keep cigars fresh, you need a humidor. The goal is to keep your cigars at about 75% relative humidty. This will keep all the components of your cigar fresh.

Cigars don't go bad, per se. They dry out. The way you can tell if a cigar has dried out beyond being smokeable is that the wrapper starts falling off when you cut the end. Once a cigar has reached this point, it's almost impossible to bring it back to a smokeable condition.

If you don't have a humidor, then only buy cigars in such quantities that you will be able to smoke within a week or so.

When you finally buy a humidor, look for one that seals tight. A loose fitting lit will not hold humidity in well. You need a humidor, if you don't have one use a zip lock and a small glass with an paper towel damp use distilled water only.
Now go get a humidor, try Cuban Crafters on line, they had the best prices I could find on humidors. We keep ours in the freezer get a humidor. freezer for sure that will keep them nice and fresh and they will break ez it they are old. use a humidor
I don't think they go bad.
but for more info and equipment

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